Lexicon Group provides consulting for magazine publishing, book publishing, and software publishing. Our Expert Magazine Publishing Consultants offer services to help you publish and promote magazines, books, and software. We know how to publish magazines. We know how to Publish Books. Publishing and Consulting service offered by our experienced magazine publisher including services for all needs related to publishing, advertising, strategy, circulation, design and editorial consulting. We also have experience in publishing and printing for journal, periodical, news publications, software, books, and information systems. Publishing in New York, Publishing in Los Angeles, publishing in Washington D.C., publishing in Toronto, local and worldwide publishing.

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The Lexicon Group, Full Service Publishing Consulting since 1972

The Lexicon Group provides a full and complete range of Consulting Services to the periodical and book industries.

The Lexicon Group is exclusively dedicated to the magazine and book publishing as well as the non-profit industry sectors. Since 1972, our expert publishing consultants have successfully assisted a long list of organizations, both private and non-profits, address challenges and enhance their publishing operation. Print and Online publishing consulting problem solving is our business -- our only business. Our staff of publishing consultants are experts in every facet of magazine and book publishing including operations and management. While you only use our expert magazine and book publishing consultants for a limited time and at a limited fixed cost, their knowledge, experience and ability can add significantly to your bottom line both over the short and long term.

Our magazine and book publishing consultants - leading expertise and experience in print and online - includes but is not limited to Information Systems, Internet and e-Commerce Strategies, Social Media, International/Foreign Language Marketing, Accounting and Financial Planning, Recruiting, Market Research, Digital Publishing, Circulation & Membership Marketing and Fulfillment, Launches, Manufacturing & Production, Corporate Workflow and Organization Methodologies, Order Processing, Distribution and Warehousing, Advertising Sales, Executive Search and Outsourcing.

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